Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'll freely admit, I'm a little loud. Not in volume, necessarily, but definitely in my taste in fashion. If it is metallic, sparkly, spangled, neon, bejeweled or feathered...

I need it in my life.

This ends up meaning I have a closet full of random, unrelated items that are often hard to pair together. But when I do manage, it's magical. There are some pieces that just hang out in my closet because I'm so enamored by the fact that they EXIST, not necessarily because I have any real need or desire for them in my own wardrobe.

If I were wealthy, I would open a museum of amazing/horrifying clothing. But instead I have a cramped closet full of gems and jewels. The newest?

I photographed it this way because the cut isn't particularly flattering, there are horrifying shoulder pads and I am unsure as to when or how I will ever actually wear it, but the fact that I found a shirt made for an adult with metallic moons, stars and planets covering it made my entire day. It wasn't even in the costume section! I bet it made the day of whoever used to own it too. I need to find an outfit to do it justice, and I think I really need to wear it on our upcoming trip to Portland!

I've been offered an opportunity to be featured in another blog this week, so tomorrow I am finishing up and packaging some hair pieces and sending them off. Expect details to come!

Beyond that the main agenda for the shop this week will be some photography lessons with my husband on his off time. I'm more than managing serviceable photographs of my wares, but people expect more than that and I think I need to give it to them! Not everyone can envision how something is going to look on them via a picture against a blue wig...

Though I actually prefer to imagine I'm wearing a blue wig at all times.

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