Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm not a big spender. Well, okay, given a large amount of cash I WILL spend it, but I'll end up bringing home three times the amount of stuff you'd expect.

I am often referred to as pathologically cheap. I'm far more likely to try and figure out a way to make something myself than I am to shell out major cash for anything at all. That's why I taught myself how to knit, how the hair accessories came to be, why I'm learning how to sew. While DIY is far more time consuming and might even be more expensive in the end, I've convinced myself it is the far more sensible route.

But I caved a little this year. I saw an article in the local newspaper about a man in our town, practically in our neighborhood, who made hats. And not just any hats, absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired pieces. AND! He did custom work. On a whim I shot off an email inquiring about what a hat might run me, really just intending to satisfy my curiosity. Not only did I get a response, I got a phone call! Bob was super friendly, able to answer all of my questions and very enthusiastic about his craft and his business.

I decided to go for it. You see, I have a particular problem when it comes to hats: I have a huge head. I'm not joking with you, there have been points in my adult life that my waist circumference has been smaller than that of my head. I had not at that point owned a hat in my adult life that fit properly. I debated back and forth with myself and finally decided that I might as well own at least one proper hat in my life, and it might as well be a really fantastic one!

Bob and I emailed images back and forth discussing what sort of hat I wanted, I knew I was looking for a really dramatic cloche-styled hat. He had plenty of ideas, we went through the measurement stage and then I got some sketches from him. Oh man, they were good! I finally just told him I loved them all, trusted his judgment and to go for it. (That's got to be simultaneously fantastic and horrifying to hear, thinking about it.)

Well, I got my hat today and I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Best money I've spent on myself in AGES. If you are in the market for a hellaciously look-at-me hat, or just a really amazing cover for your domepiece, hit up Bob at Black Sheep Hatworks , he'll do right by you!

Now the head Jezzy and her husband are headed off for a little mini-vacation to Portland in a few days, so prepare yourself for food-porn shots of all sorts of tasty eats! And when we return, adventures in lightbox DIY!

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